Are you all action, all of the time?

July 3, 2019

By my very nature, I am an action-oriented kind of girl.

If you want someone who will take a leap of faith, trust her gut and have a go, then I am most definitely your woman. And there is a lot to be said about those traits. As a result
of those characteristics, I get sh*t done, and I can inspire action and momentum in and through others. 

The thing I have learnt from experience, is that you can pay a heavy price for being all about action, all the time.

My younger self used to think about this in a very black and white way - you were either a doer or a procrastinator with nothing in between. And, of course, this is just not true.

The price I ultimately paid from being in all-action mode all the time, was exhaustion, ever increasing pressure and as a result, being a far less effective leader than I needed to be.

So what is the takeaway?

I spend a lot of time with clients who are high achievers - many with significant businesses - who are staring down the barrel of burnout and exhaustion. A common characteristic is that they are doers, decision makers and action takers.

A common refrain is (quote) : "I don't have time for...planning/thinking/pausing/contemplating), I just need to get sh*t done and move onto the next thing!" Oh how familiar that sounds!

My counsel to them is that you can be action oriented and take the time to consider all the angles,  before you act. The power of getting these two parts of the equation in
balance is immense - and like anything worth doing, it takes effort and practice.

I look back now and wonder how I sustained it for so long. I now feel far more in balance. I am still that same impatient, action oriented, results focussed doer, but now I
spend at least as much time on planning my next move and maximising the impact of my effort and time.

Some top tips:
- Get super clear on what success looks like;
- Understand what the key things are that will achieve success for you;
- Apply the 80/20 rule – and just focus on the 20% that will get you 80% of the results;
- Understand your own zone of genius – this is your personal 80/20 rule – and get a highly talented team around you to do the rest;
- Accept that the more exhausted and 'in the detail' you get, the less effective you will be, so it pays to take time off, relax and have some
space to be creative and energised – you won’t achieve your vision without it.
I help time poor business leaders to create more time, more energy and more impact.

Most business leaders are so busy trying to do it all that they end up tired, frustrated and spread way too thin.
So I’ve created a program that helps them get rid of the noise and zero in on the stuff that gets results,  so they can grow their business AND take time off.

After working with me, they reduce hours spent on reactive tasks by 80% and halve the time it takes to reach their goals.

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