Are you caught in a whirlwind?

August 21, 2019

Have you ever noticed how much pressure we are under to fill our days with constant activity?

'Busyness' has  become a badge of honour. If you aren’t busy, you aren’t working hard enough!

What’s really happening is that the busier we get, the less effective we become. Exhaustion takes over, we lose our
creativity, results suffer and so does our confidence.

So, the choice we are really faced with is whether we keep pushing down this path, OR commit to doing that work that will result in us doing LESS but way more

I have many clients who have tried to push through - until they fell in a heap.

That’s when the choice to start doing less is thrust upon them. It takes time to re-engineer their environment, and everything that is keeping them in the

But as we work through this, they start doing less, getting better results, having more focus, time and energy. Which leads to more confidence and results.
So - what does your whirlwind look like?

Is it too many meetings? Is it trying to do everything? Is it micro managing your team?

With a critcal eye, go through everything that is consuming your time and energy. Your goal is to have 50% of your time unstructured in your diary.

Once you have done this, you are more available to your team, and you can also start to set up your team for success by doing the same for them.

They will be in the whirlwind too - and only you can set the example and clear the path for them. One of the biggest responsibilities and roles of a leader is to create an environment for your team's success and remove the roadblocks. 

1. Is each member of your team performing the role that best suits them?
2. How much of their time is consumed in Urgent but not important tasks?
3. Are the priorities for the team clear, and are people diverging from that path?
4. Do an audit of all the meetings, emails and other busywork that is taking place - probably out of habit - and be ruthless! Ask - will this activity move us closer to
our goals? What would the impact be if we no longer did this? What is the purpose? -

Pretty soon you will get very clear on what constitutes your whirlwind.

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