Cut the filler and focus on results.

August 30, 2018

It’s easy to lose your edge.

The need to become (and remain) competitive with those around you, to constantly feel like you need to re-invent, create new, create more, change it up… that pressure is real.

Whilst you can’t risk becoming stagnant or complacent, all this focus on the next shiny ball can actually cause you to lose sight of what really makes a difference to your clients, your stakeholders and your staff.

So with all these ideas that are crowding into your head, all the rushing around and pressure to deliver the next best thing, I’m going to ask you to do something for me.

I want you to pause for a minute.

Consider your original value proposition.

What was it that made you different and valuable in the first place? What need or problem did you initially see that you wanted to fix? What filled you with energy and passion?

Why is this pause so important? It’s important because you can only pour your energy into so many things – so it is critical it goes into the right things.Your energy and time should only be going into the big impact things that will attract (and keep) clients, delight your team and deliver value to all your stakeholders. The challenge that we face, is that instead of just focusing on those big impact things that add real value, we get distracted and split our focus on delivering things that at best, are ‘nice to have’ and at worst, pure filler that no-one values.

So how can you differentiate between the value and the filler?

Ask yourself this question –

“What would I change in my process, product, systems, programmes, strategy,  if I only got paid when I delivered results?”

Answering this question should really focus your mind. If you had to cut to the chase and dispense with everything that didn’t really deliver a result for your client, what would you focus on?

What is the thing that you would zero in on, because you know it is the key to generating results?

For me, when I think of this question, my mind goes straight to the need for my clients to have a clear vision. Yes, there are heaps of other factors that come into play (and I take my clients through an entire process that addresses those), but if I had to choose only one thing  that I genuinely thought was the most effective piece of advice I could offer - then hands down, getting a client clear on their vision is my number one, two and three.


Because this is the starting point. I could (and do) spend lots of time working with clients on creating strategies, maximising resources and creating an environment for success, but none of those things can work if we haven’t first established a clear vision for success. Without that clarity, my clients can’t make decisions effectively, they can’t prioritise, they can’t get rid of distractions, they can’t maximise their resources, build the right team or create a sustainable business model...

In my early days, I questioned whether people would effectively pay for 'clarity' – and the fact is the answer is a "HELL YES"! When I strip away everything else, this is the most value I can and do deliver to my clients. Once they have clarity – whether it be around career or an entrepreneurial vision, they have the keys to the kingdom, whatever that looks like for them.

So, this is what I am asking you to do.


Reflect on where your biggest impact is, and ask yourself the question –what would I do if I only got paid when my clients got results?


Key takeaways

•     Use this question as a way to focus your own thinking and assess the real value you add

•     If you are struggling to have a crystal clear and compelling message about your value proposition, this is a great place to start

•     Having clarity will give you more confidence in what you are doing, because you will be clear on how you have the most impact

•     This is a great way to get feedback from your clients - ask them what has added the most value and what they consider to be un-necessary filler

•     Asking this question on a regular basis will keep you evolving your value proposition, and is a great way to prevent your offer from getting stale.


Need more help? I’ve got your back!

Do you have a crystal clear vision for your business?

Do you find yourself trying heaps of different things, constantly experimenting but never getting results?

Do you feel like you are bouncing from one idea or problem to the next, but not gaining traction?

If any of this sounds like you, then let's get you back on track and heading in the right direction! After all – when you don’t have a clear destination in mind, how can you know what path to take?

Contact me here if you would like to have a chat, and explore how you can get clarity.


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