May 4, 2019

You’ve tried everything.

And nothing is working.

Cashflow is tight and you feel like you are hemorrhaging money.

You are following all the ‘rules’ – or so it feels.

Investing in yourself

Spending money to make money

Having a deep belief that you can truly help your clients solve their problems

Your ideal client is super clear in your mind. You know their challenges and their fears – because your client represents you.

You think you are speaking clearly to that market – addressing their concerns with empathy.

You’ve surrounded yourself with cheerleaders who only want the best for you.

And still, it’s not working.

Not working because despite all that, you aren’t attracting clients – and this is what leads to your current state of despair.

You get that the journey is a long one – after all, you didn’t make this decision to lead an entrepreneurial life lightly.

But at what point should you start seeing the signs that you are on the right path?

Being positive and having self-belief is so important, but up against the reality of not being able to pay the bills, should you keep persisting in the hope that your current path will work, or face the fact that it isn’t?

Perhaps this would be easier if you didn’t feel so bloody tired.

And you are, you’re exhausted.

In your effort to make this work, you have run yourself into the ground, and that is really the problem right now.

Normally, you can bounce back, pivot, try something new, but now you just have nothing left to pull yourself back up another time.

Because the fact is, you can actually see what you need to do next.

You’ve got most of the component parts there, and now it is a matter of tweaking the strategy.

The fact is, you have enough insight to know why you are so tired.

You’ve burnt yourself out trying to get across as many things and networks as possible.

You’ve fallen back into old patterns of trying to do too much, too fast, and giving yourself no time to rest, reflect and have some time away.

Now that you think about it, you’d be far better served developing fewer and deeper strategic relationships.

Focusing on the opportunities you have right now – instead of madly trying to come up with plans B- Z “in case plan A” doesn’t work.

Sure, there are no guarantees. But by focusing on your ‘backup plans’, you are actually diverting your attention and talent from what is right in front of you, exhausting your energy supply and splitting your focus.

But that’s just sensible right?

We all know what happens to having all your eggs in one basket – don’t we?

So what’s the answer here?

How do you maintain self-belief and positivity when you are worried about having money to pay the bills?

The first place to start is looking at the opportunities right in front of you.

The second is to acknowledge that you are exhausted and to take some time off. (Despite the hitch in your breath as you start worrying again at the thought of not doing anything.)

The third, is to really, truthfully consider whether you believe in what you are selling, and that it can make a difference to people’s lives.

If the answer is yes – then even though it probably doesn’t feel like it – yet – you are in a great place.


Because you have great raw material.

You just need to tweak it.

Is the message right?

Is your channel to market the right one?

As you start to ask yourself these questions, the despair does start to lift. You can see what tweaks you need to make, and that is awesome.

Because it would be far worse if you couldn’t think of anything that needed changing.

The next part of the equation is getting that energy back. Which means being brutal in cutting out the noise.

Instead, focus on the top 5 things you could do right now that would have the most impact on your business. Look at the opportunities closest to home. The ones you have already invested time in – but maybe not enough time in your pursuit of plans B-Z.

Finally, find someone you can use as a professional mentor or coach.

Never underestimate the power of a fresh set of eyes and a brain that isn’t as emotionally invested as you.

The perspective that someone like this brings is invaluable, and will almost certainly reveal the tweaks you need to make to get back on track.

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