Designing a successful business

June 27, 2019

If you have ever listened to Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, he applies the concept of ‘front stage’ and ‘back stage’ to different business activities. This totally resonated for me as I contemplated my own business a couple of years ago.

In my mind, business development, presentations, conversations, networking, client meetings-  constitute the 'front stage' elements of business. The 'backstage' work is pretty much everything else. And yes, those of you who are running businesses know exactly how many things sit in this category!

I  think of this 'balance' between front and back stage in the context of something I call "business design".


Because if you haven't invested the time to 'design' how your business will work, then you are destined to get sucked into the vortex of transactional activity, the endless juggle between front and backstage (and if you drop either of those, you’re stuffed) and will end up pretty much whirling chaotically around on the spot.

I don’t care whether you are a tiny business, a leader running big teams in a multi-national corporation or somewhere in between.

The principals of business remain the same, regardless of size. Successful businesses have a clear ‘design’.

Forget about your business or team for a minute and think about the basic concept of functional design.

Now think about very common objects and what would happen if they weren't designed properly -
A chair that couldn't bear weight;
A plane that couldn't stay in the air;
A car that fell apart when driven at speed.

None of these things would go into production without having had rigorous testing under load, ensuring that they were fit for purpose.

Now let's apply this to business.

Despite this basic concept, many business leaders jump off the proverbial cliff without having any idea whether their business will function 'under load'.

A business, like anything, should be designed and engineered to ensure that it will last and is ‘fit for purpose’.

Unless that is, you are planning on building a 'single use' business - then you probably don't need to worry too much about longevity and functionality.

By nature, passionate business leaders want to jump right in, and start achieving those results. They throw themselves headlong into building the business, yet in most cases, don’t think about how best to design and build strong foundations so their business will stand the test of time and growth.

Some things to think about when designing your business for success.

Do you have:

A clear vision, proposition and purpose?
An understand of the numbers?
Processes and systems in place?
The right team?
A plan to get you from A to B?
A deep understanding of your target market?

These are the basics that successful business leaders spend time on, and the pathway to a business that doesn’t fall prey to a short life span, expensive mistakes or lack lustre results.

I help time poor business leaders to create more time, more energy and more impact.

Most business leaders are so busy trying to do it all that they end up tired, frustrated and spread way too thin.
So I’ve created a program that helps them get rid of the noise and zero in on the stuff that gets results,  so they can grow their business AND take time off.
After working with me, they reduce hours spent on reactive tasks by 80% and halve the time it takes to reach their goals.

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