Opportunity or Crisis?

September 2, 2019

As a leader how do you view potential crisis? As an opportunity, or as a disaster?

The most important things here are 'mindset' and 'execution'.If your mindset is set to see challenges or change as a reason to batten down the hatches, then you will never take advantage of the opportunities around you and your business. This is why you can’t have a closed mindset, or see any changes to your landscape as a threat.Instead, look at any change as a potential opportunities – if you see something that your competitors don’t, then you potentially have a jump on everyone else.

Once you analyse whether there is in fact an opportunity - it then comes back to strategic fit.

Remember, don’t chase 'change for change’s sake' – haven't you ever heard of the 'shiny ball syndrome'?! So once again you need to be super clear on your vision, mission and definition of success.

High performers know exactly what they are aiming for, which then makes it really easy for them to make quick, but well informed, decisions when a potential opportunity presents itself.

Then, if there is an opportrunity and there is a strategic fit, it’s all about the execution.

Tips for an 'opportunity over crisis' mindset

1 - Keep an open mind - look at it from an opportunity perspective
2 - Have a clear vision of success - confidence to potentially swim against the tide. Be unwavering in your pursuit, but fully assess the situation. 
3 - Do something different if it fits with your vision.
4 - Bring your team along for the ride - including them in the content and making them understand your 'why'. If the team is unsure it can stop you in your tracks and breed resistance. 
5 - Nail the execution - decide on a strategy, evaluate if it is working and make sure you are measuring the right success.

Remember: Just because you are open to looking for opportunities, don't just change for the sake of it. It needs to fit with your vision and be viable for your business.

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