The secret to being agile

July 6, 2019

Most of the business owners or leaders I know, love the idea of being adaptable and ‘agile’. They hanker for low cost delivery of their product or service, the ability to execute and implement seamlessly, and the holy grail of ‘failing fast’, testing with real life potential customers, and wasting less resources in the process.

So why if this is the dream, do so few manage to get their business in a position where these aspirations become a reality? 

For most businesses, it isn’t for want of throwing themselves into trying new things, or being smart enough, or having enough resources. Yet for some frustrating reason, nothing really changes.

Despite their best efforts, they don’t get more agile, more efficient, better at implementing or more profitable. In many cases, the adoption of these new work practices actually adds cost and complexity – which is even more frustrating. Don’t kid yourself either – this is not just something that larger companies fall prey to.

I work with plenty of small to medium businesses that are a long way from being a ‘corporate’ and yet are still hitting the same brick wall. And now that I think about it, I know business owners with only a handful of staff who are really struggling to get this mix right. So why is this?

Because it has nothing to do with size, and everything to do with mindset, culture and execution. This goes to my point that you can’t just say you want to be more ‘agile’. To make this work, you need to fundamentally re-think not just the processes in your business, but cultural and behavioural norms (your own and those of your team) too, if you are to ever do this successfully.

For me, I keep coming back to the following mantras:

- Failing fast;

- Have a crystal clear vision and mission;

- Hire highly talented people who are totally clear on their role’;

- Define your role as the leader in the business – stick to your zone of genius;

- Create an environment where everyone can do their best work – and fail fast and often;

- Repeat!

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