So you want to be the leader...but will you make the time?

February 18, 2019

One of the things that we all need to understand is that if we want to be a leader then we need to make time.

If I had to summarise the most common themes that arise when working with clients, they are:

·        Focus;

·        Time; and/or

·        Cash-flow -

Or variations on those themes:

·        I feel overwhelmed;

·        I have no balance;

·        I’m frustrated by my team;

·        I do everything; or

·        I don’t know what to prioritise.

You get the drift.

As always, the place I go to first is – what is your vision? What are you trying to achieve? And the reason I always start there is because if you can’t articulate that, then you have no hope of determining where you should be spending your time or focus.

After posing this question, I then take my clients through a process of examining where they spend their time, what their ‘zone of genius’ is and a raft of other exercises. Invariably, at the end of each session the feedback I get from my clients is that they are so much clearer, the proverbial 'fog' has lifted, and they know what the next steps are. Awesome! How cool is that? This is at the heart of why I love what I do.

And yet, there is a ‘but’. A frustration. A hesitation. A blocker.

Because what also commonly happens next is this -

“I know you said I should only spend my time where I am most effective and start to outsource, delegate or stop doing everything else...”

“I know you said that I need to stop doing, and focus more on creating the environment for my team to thrive...”

“I know we agreed that for me to really evolve as  a leader, the definition of my role in the business has to change…”


And at the end of each of those sentences is the 'B' word. BUT.

Who was is that said everything that comes before the word ‘but’ is totally cancelled out? Well I believe that. Let me demonstrate.

“I know we agreed that for me to really evolve as a leader, the definition of my role in the business has to change…

...BUT no-one can do the pitch/design/contracts/presentation/analysis as well as me."

BUT I can’t find anyone good enough to employ."

BUT I am the only one who can make that decisions."

BUT I am the only one who really gets the brand."

BUT By the time I train someone else it is quicker to do it myself."

...BUT I can’t afford to outsource – it’s ‘cheaper’ for me to do it."


Point made.

Pick any variation to this theme and look yourself in the eye.

Does this resonate?

When you look with desperation at your never-ending list of tasks, or work another 18 hour day, or a miss time with the kids, or anything else that leads you to ask for help – are you actually ready to make a change? Ready to let go of the ego and stop doing things? Really stop doing things?

Because if you aren’t, then you are only cheating yourself.

It isn’t until you totally commit to doing less, to only spending your time in the areas where you are most effective, that you can start to become the leader of your business and in control of your life.


Here is the newsflash – you aren’t the only one who can do ‘it’. Whatever and however many ‘its’ there may be in your mind.

The reality is that this is ego talking.

Until you let go of the belief that no-one can be as good as you, because this is your baby, or you’re the boss, or no-one gets yourbrand, then you will be trapped in your current situation – no time, no balance, totally overwhelmed and totally out of control.

So instead of creating another item for your to-do list, why not create some time instead? 

If you need help:

·        Getting laser sharp on your priorities;

·        Re-defining your role to think and act like a CEO;

·        Getting super clear on where you are most effective; or

·        Building a powerhouse team around you –


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