The 10 Mistakes That Will Burn Your Money, Exhaust Your Energy and Crush Your Business Success.

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It drives me crazy when I see business fail or stall – even when they have a great idea and great talent behind them. My clients are experts in their field. They have experienced success. They have succeeded through guts, hard work, determination and a passion that drives them to get their idea out there and make an impact. 

But here’s the catch. Because these incredibly talented people aren’t necessarily “business people”, because they haven’t done an MBA or worked in the corporate world, or just aren’t that interested in the business of being in business – they inevitably get stuck – or worse. 

No matter how much you wish you didn’t need to know about the “business side” – sorry to say, you actually do. It doesn’t need to be hard through. It shouldn’t be onerous, or full of jargon and complexity. There is a way to do this so that you feel in control, empowered and supported by the right team of people so that you can do what fills you with energy and purpose. 

This is why I have designed my services this way. If your business isn't achieving everything you want it to. If there is a next level you want to unlock. If you are sick of burning time, energy and money with disappointing results.

If you don’t want to feel stuck anymore….Then take advantage of my two decades of experience, mistakes and successes in building, growing and fixing businesses – but without having to invest two decades. I get results because I go back to basics and help business owners understand what is limiting their growth and progress. 

I’ll give you absolute honestly and only practical advice, insights and tools that will achieve one thing for you; strong foundations that will increase the profitability of your business. 


Without clarity, you will struggle to articulate your vision, goals, value proposition or target market, which will make it impossible to be heard and compel action and momentum.


Without the right structure around you, you will struggle to turn your vision into a profitable business, simply because you don't have the right tools, resources and knowhow around you to make it happen.


Without the right environment, you will spin your wheels and exhaust yourself, because there is nothing to stop you from getting overwhelmed or distracted, and so you will never operate at your most effective and energised level.


60 Minute Vision Snapshot

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What is it?        

The objective of the 60 minute Vision Snapshot, is to create clarity and awareness of the single most important questions any business owner needs to answer: What is my vision, and what is my plan to get there?The Snapshot sessions are a great introduction to my more comprehensive Discovery Series.

What are the benefits?

At the end of the first session, you will have a clear picture of how well you can articulate your 3 year vision, and how you are limiting your success by thinking of barriers and obstacles, rather than strategies and actions. After going through the process a few times, you will build on this clarity each 90 days, checking in with your vision, turning barriers into strategy, and strategy into actions that will move you closer toward your goals.For entrepreneurs who want to engage their teams in their business vision, and to drive ownership, focus and accountability, this is the way to do it!

How does it work?

This is an iterative process, and my really successful clients sign up to do this every 90 days with their teams, to ensure that everyone is focused on the vision, and executing the action plan. If you are unsure of what you need, or where to start, the 60 minute Vision Snapshot is a great starting point!

  • Minimum of four sessions, one per quarter.

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Discovery and Diagnostic Package

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The Discovery and Diagnostic process happens in three stages:

Discovery Questionnaire: A comprehensive questionnaire that you will complete prior to our workshop.

Discovery Workshop: Approximately 2.5 hours.

Diagnostic Report: Summary of findings plus high level recommendations for your business.

The information you receive in your Diagnostic Report will give you real insight into the key challenges for your business and a high level overview of how to approach them. There will be plenty of tips and pointers in here that will set you up to create a detailed strategic plan for your business.

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Strategic Business Planning Package

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If you need more help in creating a detailed strategic plan, with a clear set of goals and a road map for implementation, this is the service for you. It will incorporate all the features of the Discovery & Diagnostic package, as well as taking it a big step further!

Building on the information and recommendations from your fully customized Diagnostic Report, I will create a detailed strategic business plan that is unique to your business, and will give you not just the what, but the how. This is the road map you need for implementing your plan, which we will then go through in detail together.

Once you have this in your hands, all you need to do is turn that plan into action.

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Effortless Execution Sessions

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Plenty of people struggle when it comes to putting a plan into action. Implementation takes a different set of skills, and a disciplined approach to regularly reviewing and updating your plan.

If you know [or suspect] that implementing your Strategic business plan is not your strong point - don’t be embarrassed! For some of my clients, all they need is an initial day together to set up an implementation plan, then a check in once a quarter to assess results. For others, they want someone who is part of their team on a more regular basis - say once a month - to keep them on track.

This is a great way to get the experience of a business executive working in your business at a fraction of the price of a full time [or even part-time] salary. The number and length of Effortless Execution

Sessions are fully customizable, depending on your needs and where you think you will need the most help. Make the most of the Strategic Business Planning package, and add on a series of Effortless Execution Sessions to ensure your plan becomes a reality, or use them to check in on your progress on a quarterly basis.

Below are some of the most popular session packages - choose one, a combo or let’s talk about customizing something just for you!

Weekly accountability sessions:

These are a great way to start your week off with focus and clarity and ensure that you maximise your time and resources in the most effective way. Especially effective for those of you who have the best intentions and get distracted, or even if you just feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Some things we cover in these sessions:

  • Set out a clear plan for the week
  • Top 5 goals for each day
  • Plan to get the transactional stuff done
  • Framework to reflect on achievements each day and plan the next.

Stand alone consultation sessions:

These are perfect if you aren’t yet sure what you need yet, but want a kick off session to set you on the right path. Also a great idea for those of you who have one off problems that you need help with and want to pick my brain, or don’t want to schedule a regular catch up.

Half day strategy review and re-set:

Used most often on a quarterly basis as a great way of reviewing your progress over the last 90 days and planning out the next quarter. Great for business owners who can stay on track in between times, but want to implement a more structured approach to goal setting.

Stand alone consulting services:

Sometimes you just need a more bespoke solution. If you have another project or problem in mind that you need help with, contact me below to have a chat and get a customised proposal and quote to suit your needs.

Book your discovery call chat below or email me on info@alextullio.com

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